Mendeley: A Research content manger

26 Aug

Mendeley is a pdf manager and reference citation tools. It was started as a opensoure project, but later purchased by Elsevier. Mendeley has two types of licensing: Basic (Free) and Pro (Paid). Mendeley free version has all basic funcationlaites that a new researcher need. Mendeley also provides an online account with 2GB storage. By providing office plug-in, Mendeley provides reference citation tools. Mendeley web importer is good for storing online article, posts and papers.

The few important features of Mendeley are:

1. Good pdf manager (pdf can be organized in various folders without multiple copy)

2. Good highlighter

3. Good notes maker

4. Online sync of desktop (It helps to synchronize your pdf from your online account so you work from multiple location)

5. Reference citation tool

6. Web importer

7. Active communities of user and developers

All the best. Happy learning.. 🙂


Zotero:A Researcher Tool for Paper Writing and Manage

12 Nov

Zotero is Open-Source tool for managing the Research Work.


It have two variant , it can be add to Mozilla browser as plug-in or can be use as a standalone application.

It will automatically integrate itself with Microsoft Word so we can easily manage our reference and citation.