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Small Hack around: Bypassing content-filtering on proxy for seeing image content

4 Feb

Hi friends,

Most of you were studying in a college which wifi have different type of content filtering software (i.e. The university administrator decides what you can access using university wifi internet connection). Unfortunately, most of these content filtering are keywords or syntax based mean they just filter the keyword of contents or the url etc. And many time blocks the useful content.

Today, I also faced the same problem while trying to see a political cartoon there is nothing offensive or adult content, but still the university proxy is blocking the image of the poster(picture 1).

Screenshot from 2015-02-04 16:23:49

Picture 1: Content block by proxy

This was a Modi related cartoon, so I can’t stop myself from watching this. Now, here comes my favorite hacking tool “Google” :). Yes! Of course.  Now a little analysis of content I find out that the post have three images embedded in the body. So

1. I just copy the link location of all three.JPG. (Right click and select the copy Image location)


2. I opened google docs with a new presentation.

3. I select the Insert option from the menu, selected Image options and put the above url. Google docs import that image to slide 🙂

Google Docs>Insert> Image… > By url > and click insert

4. Repeated the step 3 for the other two images with new slide

And Vallah!!! Now I can see images properly with a presentation view with good zoom and adjustment.

Screenshot from 2015-02-04 16:33:56

Enjoy the unrestricted access or Internet….:)

I Guess it should work for video and other content also. But will try that later…